3SX Policies - "The Rules of the Road"

WRX Evolution and www.WRXEVOlution.com
are a division of 3SX Performance Automotive

3SX Performance Automotive is committed to providing the automotive enthusiast with a broad selection of the best products at the best prices, and backing everything up with excellent customer service. We are always working to improve product selection by finding and/or developing new products. We also make our best efforts to provide excellent customer service with prompt responses to telephone and email inquiries, fast shipping for orders, honest opinions on products, and accurate service quotes. We are dedicated to making you a dedicated 3SX customer! :-)


At 3SX, we STOCK what we carry! We try our best to maintain complete and sufficient inventory levels on all items. Some items may, however, become temporarily out of stock while we wait for shipments to arrive or be produced, particularly with custom orders or custom manufactured products. If you place an order and we are out of stock on an item which will delay shipment more than 2-3 days, we will notify you via email at the address you provided with your order.

Orders & Payment

We accept orders through our website's online shopping cart system as well as telephone orders and walk-in customers. Payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Order / Certified Check (NO personal checks), and Cash.


Credit Card Verification
We at 3SX take credit card fraud and security very seriously, both to protect your as our customer and us as a company. We make every attempt to verify every order to make sure the person placing the order with a credit card is the rightful owner and user of that credit card. We work with our bank, merchant services, the card issuing bank/company whether US or international, and sometimes local authorities to verify that the person and address indicated in the order is the person and address on file with the card issuer. Sometimes we may ask for alternative means of verification, in particular a copy of the credit card statement showing your name and address and card number as the receiver/owner of that card being used. If we are unable to satisfactorily verify that the person placing the order is the rightful owner of the card being used, we will seek an alternate payment method or cancel and refund the order. Because of the increase in credit card fraud and identity theft, we will only ship to the verified billing address.


Credit Cards - United States
3SX Performance will only ship to an address which is the verified billing address for the credit card being used for payment. If you enter a different shipping address than the billing address, we will contact you to confirm the order and address, and contact the credit card processor and/or bank to verify the address. When ordering online, be sure to enter the BILLING information for the credit card you are using (the address where the bill is mailed), and enter a separate shipping address if necessary (e.g., if the billing address is a PO Box, we MUST have physical address for UPS shipping). 3SX will not ship until we receive an address confirmation. Because of the increase in credit card fraud and identity theft, we will only ship to the verified billing address. If we are unable to verify your address, we will either need an alternate card which we can verify or will have to cancel the order.


Credit Cards - International
If you are outside of the United States, we will make every attempt to verify the address you provide matches the address on record for the card used for the order. Some countries do not offer bank verification, so we will ask for a copy of the credit card statement showing the card numbers and your name and address to verify that you are the rightful owner of the card. Because of the increase in credit card fraud and identity theft, we will only ship to the verified billing address. If we are unable to verify the address, we will cancel and refund the order and notify you of such. We do accept Bank Wire Transfers and Western Union as well - email for details.
Our online credit card processor requires the use of the standard ISO3166 2-digit country codes. Please CLICK HERE for the list of country codes. When checking out, select the country code from the drop-down list, and also key in the full country name in the appropriate field.

Money Order / Certified Cashier's Check - US ONLY
We have added Money Order as a payment option to our online shopping cart checkout process. If you choose this payment option, you MUST complete the entire checkout process. You will need to mail a copy of the order to 3SX with your payment. On the third checkout screen before clicking to submit the order to 3SX, print the screen and include that with payment, or print the Order Confirmation Email you receive after placing the order and send that with the total payment. Note: The first screen of the cart is NOT the total, you must complete the checkout process to get your actual calculated shipping amount. Call if you have any questions.

NOTE: Personal checks are not accepted, and will not be cashed or processed. Payment must be certified funds - Postal or other money order or bank check.


Money Order - International
We can accept International Money Orders only if they are payable in US Dollars and drawn against a US Bank. The check amount must be the value of the order including shipping.


We accept PayPal payments through our online shopping cart system. We will only ship to an address which has been confirmed by the PayPal system. When you select PayPal as your payment method, you are transferred from our shopping cart to PayPal with the payment information to make the payment at that time. If the transfer to PayPal fails, log into PayPal and select Send Money - our ordering address on PayPal is Orders@3SX.com. Please include the full payment and your order number.


Bank Wire Transfer
We can accept a direct bank wire transfer. Please email orders@3SX.com for payment information or select Bank Wire Transfer as a payment method you place you online order and you will be give the bank information after placing your order. Please either fax to 704-786-6443 or email orders@3SX.com a copy of the transfer document to confirm payment. Your order will ship once funds have cleared through to our account.


Western Union Money Transfer
We can accept Western Union money transfer. If you want to pay with this method, place your order online and select "Money Order" during checkout and indicated in the comments that you will be sending the funds via Western Union. Once you have sent payment, please either fax to 704-786-6443 or email orders@3SX.com with a scanned copy of the transfer confirmation code and details so we can collect the payment at our local office.


3SX gets a daily afternoon pickup with UPS. We try to ship orders the same day they are received. Sometimes shipment may take 2-3 days depending on our order and service volume. If we anticipate an extended shipment delay due to inventory levels or other issues, we will notify you via email of the circumstances. A UPS time-in-transit map is displayed during the checkout process when you are choosing your shipping method. Bear in mind the map is a general reference and not a guarantee - various factors such as stock levels, weather, time you place your order, address verification, incorrect/incomplete address information (check your addresses!) and other factors can vary shipment transit times.


United States
Most of our shipping is done through UPS. The website shopping cart offers shipping rates from UPS Ground to UPS Next Day Air. Some US destinations like US territories and APO addresses are shipped via either UPS Air Services or the US Postal Service via Priority mail. For these destinations, UPS does not offer ground service, so shipping charges may not be included in your order. If no shipping is calculated 3SX will calculate shipping charges and charge them to the card used for the order when the order is processed for shipment. We will not ship domestic packages via US Postal Service due to the lack of accurate tracking capabilities and the lack of a suitable claims process if a package is damaged or lost in transit.
Large body components, engines, transmissions, and other packages larger than accepted by UPS are shipped via freight services, both domestic and international. For these and other large orders the shopping cart often can not accurately calculate shipping charges and usually indicates that shipping charges will be calculated and charged separately after the order is placed. We will calculate the freight charges and inform you of them, and they will be charged to the same method of payment used for the order.


The shopping cart system calculates international shipping charges to most destinations, and shipment is via UPS. For orders which insufficient or no shipping charges have been applied by the shopping cart system, shipping will be calculated and charged separately to the same card used for the order. Most international orders ship UPS, with some larger ones going UPS Freight or other freight carrier. Delivery is typically 4-6 days but times vary for some destinations or due to customs. 3SX does not ship until full payment is received.
NOTE: Orders shipped outside the United States may be subject to local import duties and taxes or shipping agent charges. 3SX is not responsible for these additional expenses as we have no knowledge of different countries' import duties and regulations. Packages which are refused and returned to 3SX will not be refunded the shipping charges and any product credit will be subject to restocking fees and return shipping charges assessed to 3SX by the shipping carrier.


3SX makes every attempt to package shipments in a safe and secure manner. Items are packaged in shipment boxes with packing/fill materials to protect the contents from damage in transit. Boxes are securely taped and/or stapled to prevent opening and lost items in transit. Upon receipt of the package, the receiver MUST inspect items to ensure all items which were invoiced were received. If any items are damaged or missing and not noted as backordered on the invoice, the receiver MUST contact 3SX within 3 days. If a claim with the shipping courier is required, all packaging materials MUST be kept until the issue is resolved. Credit/reshipment will occur once the claim is concluded. 3SX will not be responsible for delayed claims - the carriers have time limitations for making a claim. 3SX will not be responsible for items lost, damaged, or not in the box if 3SX is not notified within 3 days of receipt of the package.


Each shipment will have an itemized invoice attached to the outside of the box, or in some cases enclosed inside the box with the items, which will list all items ordered. Any items which are backordered or not included in the shipment for other reasons (e.g., a drop-shipment direct from a manufacturer), will be noted on the invoice. The receiver MUST double-check to confirm that all items invoiced as shipped were received. If there are any discrepancies between the invoice and items received, the receiver MUST contact 3SX within 3 days of receipt. 3SX will not be responsible for items lost, damaged, or not in the box if 3SX is not notified within 3 days of receipt of the package.


New Parts:
There is a 20% return fee for ALL returns and parts must be NEW and uninstalled and in their original packaging in re-sellable condition.


Shipping charges are not refundable. Packages which are refused and returned to 3SX will not be refunded the shipping charges and any product credit will be subject to restocking fees and return shipping charges assessed to 3SX by the shipping carrier.


New items purchased from 3SX which have been used or installed are not returnable / refundable. 3SX recommends Ebay for selling used parts.


Special order parts and electronic parts are not returnable / refundable.


Exception: New parts purchased from 3SX which are found to have a MANUFACTURER'S defect can be exchanged for the same part. The part must be returned to 3SX for inspection and claim with the manufacturer. ALL PARTS AND PACKAGING MUST BE RETURNED. You MUST contact 3SX for a return authorization prior to returning any parts.


Parts which fail due to mis-installation are the responsibility of the buyer/user.


Used Parts:
Used parts purchased from 3SX are sold as is and are not returnable and carry no warranty or guarantee. Condition of used parts will be fully disclosed as accurately as possible prior to sale.

Off Road Use

All parts sold through 3SX are intended for "off road" or race use only. 3SX is not responsible for the use, misuse, mis-installation, or damage to property or persons, up to and including loss of life or property from use of items sold by 3SX. It is recommended that all parts be installed by professionally certified and experienced automotive technicians.

Core Charges

Some parts purchased from 3SX also carry a core charge. Core charges are built into the online shopping cart, and are automatically included in your purchase. All parts are inspected upon receipt. Core charges are refunded to you when your original parts are received back here at 3SX and meet the following core parts criteria.


Core parts must be returned within 60 days for core charge refund. You must include a copy of your invoice or the 3SX Core Return Form included with your shipment.


Core parts MUST be in usable condition, they cannot be damaged, broken, have stripped out bolt holes, or otherwise unusable, and must be the same part as was purchased.


Core parts CAN NOT BE PAINTED OR POWDERCOATED. If we received core parts (e.g, plenums, valve covers, etc.) which are painted or powdercoated we will deduct $60 per item from the core refund for sand blasting and cleaning charges.


Cores for polished engine parts cores (returns for polished parts): all screw holes must be threaded (not stripped), parts can not be cracked or otherwise damaged in any way, non-turbo intake plenums MUST have the butterfly control servo (VICS motor on the driver's side) and it cannot be damaged, thermostat/water housings must include all three pieces. Any variances from the previous statements will result in a reduction of the core refund.


For performance engine parts cores:
MOTOR MOUNTS - MUST include the inner cross pins with your cores when returned, condition of the rubber does not matter, transmission mounts must have good threads for the connecting bolts, all must be round and not oblong/egg-shaped.
CAMS - can not be previously ground or welded, can not be cracked, damaged, rusted, gouged, or have chipped or broken guide tabs.
HEADS - must be complete with valve train intact, cam journal covers MUST be installed on the same journals they were on originally, and can not have damage resulting from catastrophic engine failure (e.g., gouges in the cylinder bowl).
POLISHED PARTS - must be good usable parts with vacuum nipples and VICS motors attached, no stripped bolt holes, not be painted or powdercoated not be cracked or otherwise damaged.
STEERING RACKS - must be returned in their original box, or at least include it if it is damaged so the mfgr will get the original label.
TRANSMISSIONS - must be fully assembled and include all internal parts
TURBOS - we no longer charge cores for turbos as we use all new turbos. 3SX does not buy used or core turbos.


Core charge refunds are processed upon receipt and inspection of parts and the amount is credited back to the account (credit card, Paypal, etc.) that was originally used for the order. Original order payments made by money order will receive a company check as the core refund. Core refunds can also be issued as store credit if you like, please indicate such on your information returned with the core parts.


3SX Core Parts Return Form
Need a copy of the Core Return Form? Download and print it here!

Parts Polishing

If you purchase polished parts from 3SX, you will be charged a core charge per item as indicated. Core charges are built into the online shopping cart, and are automatically included in your purchase. These core charges are refunded to you when your original parts are received back here at 3SX per the core charge policies detailed above.


Our polishing is external polishing for aesthetic enhancement only, it is not internal porting/polishing for performance upgrade purposes.


CLEAN BEFORE INSTALLING! It is advised that you detail the parts before installing them on your car, as they may have polishing and/or sand blasting residue on the inside. Use strong cleaners and even wire brushes to thoroughly remove anything that might have lodged on the insides and in bolt holes.


Polished parts do not included mounting hardware/bolts, or other attached accessories - you will need to use your existing mounting hardware.


If you send us your parts to be polished, there will be no core charge. Turnaround is generally 2 weeks for us to get the parts polished. If you are sending us parts, please contact us directly, do not make the purchase online, as you will be charge the core charges. You must include your shipping and billing information in your parts shipment to us.