Go Fast Toys for Go Fast Cars!

3SX Performance was opened in 2000 with one goal in mind: Performance options for the Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth, both the TT (for Twin Turbo) and NA (for Naturally Aspirated or non-turbo). We strive to develop new products that are not yet available in the marketplace, and offer the widest selection of parts for the platform. Pioneering parts such as the 3SX Lightweight Crank Pulley, 3SX Polyurethane motor mounts, adjustable rear control arms, and other specialty 3S items that were unheard of at the time put 3SX on the performance map. 3SX has provided parts to help the 3S launch harder, brake quicker, turn sharper and just plain look better with offerings from sway bars to full coil over suspension kits, upgraded brake pads to all out big brake kits, intake pipes to complete engine internal replacements like rods and pistons. We have nearly every part you could want to make your car into the beast you always dreamed it could be.


The driving force behind the company is our employees. Each 3SX Crew Member lives for performance. From founder Steve Burrows' highly modified 94 VR-4 monster to original crew and General Manager Eric Bowden's “222 HP Stereo” 93 Stealth RT, each and every Crew Member eats, sleeps and breathes better performance!


Part of what makes 3SX a popular company is the fact that, unlike most online "shops", we actually ARE a physical shop, actually STOCK what we sell, and WORK on performance vehicles for a living. With customers in over 80 countries around the world, the entire 3SX Crew works very hard to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering exceptional customer service, product knowledge, and experienced service technicians so you will be confident in your decisions regarding parts upgrades and service.



3SX Headquarters, Sales & Distribution Center

In 2004 we moved into our new 12,000 square foot facility (above), finally reopened our service bays and expanded our shipping capacities. This building gave us more room to stock more parts, improve shipping times, and allow us to expand our overall offering to the 3000GT and Stealth community. We also launched a sister site WRX/EVOlution offering parts specific to the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evolution.


2006 brought about further growth with the addition of a second 10,000 square foot facility dedicated to service (below), freeing up the larger building for warehousing and distribution, and moving us into position to be one of the largest 3S suppliers and tuners in the world. This new service facility also houses our powder-coating operation: we have 3 different ovens and can even powder-coat a full chassis in our largest!


We also took a big step truly in the performance direction by launching our 3SX Racing division in early 2006. This was not only to race and prove the parts that we carry, but also to serve as a research and development platform to develop MORE new parts with high-end performance in mind. 3SX Racing has been a huge success with Chris first building T2 (our FWD 3000GT Drag Car) then T4 (our AWD 3000GT Drag Car) and piloting BOTH to world records for the FWD and AWD 3S platform.



3SX Service & AWD Dyno Facility

We completed one of our major projects in very early 2007, opening our SuperFlow AWD Dyno to the public! This new offering gives us the ability to tune virtually any vehicle on the road. Now, when we build your engine, you have the option of getting the best and optimal performance from your vehicle. Or we can simply strap your car on and see how much power it makes. It also furthers our R&D because we can actually test products in a controlled environment on the dyno and prove them on the track.

3SX is dedicated to the future! One of our plans in action is developing a multi-make and wholesale distribution website, allowing us to offer a MUCH wider range of products both at the retail level and wholesale to other performance businesses around the world! We also have a number of product developments up our sleeves that are being researched and tested. 2007 was to be an exciting year on the racing front, with advancements both at 3SX and other performance shops striving to improve the 3000GT/Stealth platform, and 2008 should prove to be even more exciting! Our service facility is booming, and we have added experienced and respected technicians to help support our expanding specialties into the WRX and other platforms.