TurboXS Recirculating Valve Type H-34

TurboXS Racing Bypass Valve Type H-34

Designed for performance, the H34 relieves the pressure surge caused by changing gears or backing off of the throttle quickly. Because the valves exhaust port can easily be plumbed back into the cars air intake, making this a recirculating valve, this valve is ideal for Mass Air Flow (MAF) metered cars where venting to the atmosphere can create a "rich" air/fuel ratio. The H34 is a closed-loop, a.k.a. recirculating, system, venting back into the intake pipe.

The H34 was specifically designed with high boost applications in mind: Solid brass piston - no flimsy diaphragms to break, Stainless Steel spring, adjustable spring tension. This BOV flows 35% more than our BOV Type H.

Click for H34 Sound Sample 610kb

Price  $154.95