TurboSmart BOV - Dual Port EVO-Specific

TurboSmart Blow-Off Valve
Dual-Port for EVO

Three BOVs in one! The Dual Port can be configured to vent to the atmosphere, back into the air intake or both! Hybrid technology allows the user to convert a Dual Port to a Plumb Back or to a Supersonic. This one is specifically setup for the Mitsubishi EVO making installation a breeze!

Simply rotate the red cap (the whole thing, NOT just the vacuum screw at the top) to adjust release tension.

If you want to run fully recirculating, the bell simply threads out of the BOV and you screw in the blanking plug for a recirculating setup.

The "dual port" part features low-boost release and high-boost release points through separate valves.

3SX is now an authorized TurboSmart dealer offering their complete line of products ranging from blowoff valves and boost controllers to wastegates and fuel components.

Price  $294.95